Fuelmaster® Diesel Fuel Cleaning Demonstration

We use a simple three-stage test to show Fuelmaster® at work on a sample of diesel, also comparing it with four other commonly used products in the marketplace.

The test begins with 6 test-tubes and 15ml of diesel in each.             
The first tube is left untreated, the second has 3ml Fuelmaster added to it. 

Samples 1, 2, 3, 4 are treated with 3ml of the most commonly used fuel treatment products in the marketplace.

Because acid develops in all fuel (from sulphur and moisture) it is used as the medium to change the pH in these test tubes.  2ml of sulphuric acid is added to each test tube.  They are then corked and shaken.

An orange/brown gum and shellac can be seen forming.  To many this will be a familiar colour seen around fuel lines, etc.  Components of the fuel are reacting with each other, bonding and forming polymers, high in carbon and low in hydrogen.

Inverting the test tubes clearly shows what is happening in them. What appears as thick sludge is the polymers. The way they are sticking to the walls of the the test tubes indicates a serious lack of lubricity.

***Take a look at how clean the second test tube is!***

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