Case Studies & Testimonials

Fuelmaster® Case Studies & Testimonials

Case Study I

Caterpillar Generator with 15,000 litres of poor quality diesel (badly discoloured, aged and gummed up).  Fuel company had advised customer to have the 15,000 litres pumped out and disposed of.  Austech Industrial Solutions sampled the fuel, then treated the 15,000 litres with Fuelmaster®, which cleaned up and restored the quality of the diesel.

Case Study II

Large Hunter Valley mine had tried many “additives” to combat their problem of “diesel bug” in the fuel tanks on a large drilling rig, without success.  Fuelmaster® was added to their fuel and filters were changed, resulting in the engine running smoothly once more.  Bacteria was completely eliminated.


Always happy to provide positive feedback, starting from the easy way of ordering through to the performance of the product.  Since using Fuelmaster we have had zero occurrences of the dreaded bug clogging our fuel filter, indeed I had to remind myself to change the filter as a matter of procedure rather than waiting for it to clog!  So, all positive, and I have no hesitation in recommending it, as I have done to several people.

– Terry Sinkinson, Newport, QLD

Product does what it says.  Had a particular situation where water had entered diesel tank through loose filler cap.  Issue – started to cause smoke on startup and every startup.  After using  Fuelmaster, the smoke just stopped. In addition, based on the condition of the fuel filters which were recently replaced on both the diesels as part of annual maintenance, Fuelmaster is ridding the tanks of algae. Fuelmaster is now a necessary part of my engine maintenance tools.

Kerry H, Kellyville, NSW

Imagine Cruises began using Fuelmaster in our two 500 litre stainless tanks on the Cruise boat “Imagine” in the winter of 2010. It was in response to persistent problems we had been experiencing with a black diesel bug blocking the fuel lines before the primary filter. Being unable to access the inside of the tanks, we resorted to heavy dosing of the tanks for a short period followed by a number of filter changes following the breakdown of the bug. This cleared the problem quite quickly and we now simply add a small dose every time we fuel up and have had no subsequent problems in either tanks for the last 5 years. I strongly recommend the product

Frank Future, Imagine Cruises & Charters

My husband has used your product in his diesel truck, my unleaded car, lawn mower and outboard motor and is very happy with the product. Will definitely buy more when needed.

Louise H, Orient Point, NSW

It seems to be working very well. I’m due for a service in about 3 weeks and once that’s done, I’m expecting it to hum along quite nicely. I checked on the internet for products as I thought I had dirty fuel in the car. Since I got it the car seems to be running very smoothly and no more hesitation in the motor.

Amanda M

We are really impressed with Fuelmaster.  After purchasing 2 litres, we gave it a good try out as per your recommendations of dosage to clear the partially blocked injector in our ’06 Toyota Hilux 2WD D4D. It only took two tankfuls of fuel to eliminate the blockage.  Absolutely brilliant!  Prior to treatment the Hilux went on to a diagnostic machine, which revealed that #1 injector was only working at about a quarter of capacity, due to blocked nozzles.  At idle, the gearlever was shaking about like a marble in a bucket.  2,000km later, and it sits quite static at idle.  Incidentally, our fuel consumption on the highway cycle now consistently averages out at 7.8ltrs/100km.  We have been singing the praises of Fuelmaster to anyone with a common-rail vehicle, irrespective of manufacturer.  Thank you for a great product.  Your advertising has proven to be totally accurate … no false claims, just cold hard facts.

We are extremely pleased with the benefits and outcomes of using Fuelmaster. This week we had our Hilux in at Maitland Toyota for a brake service and computer upgrade programme, and they have advised us that the injectors (which previously were deemed to be needing replacement at $900 each) are now totally serviceable.  Are we impressed?  You’d better believe it!  Money well spent!

Brett Cutler, Thornton, NSW

Hey team, we purchased your fuel additive several months ago. We were going outback for several weeks and knew the fuels out there were sub-standard.  Great to tell you we were the only one in the group that did not have to change a fuel filter.  We had to pull the fuel pump out of one of the other vehicles!

Dave – SA

I can give you some feedback about your product, Fuelmaster, which I get from you for the problem that I have with Bug in the fuel tank of one of my buses. Every 30,000km I have to change the water trap filter that I fitted to the bus, and it’s almost full of the black rubbish that is in my tank, showing the effectiveness of Fuelmaster cleaning properties. I have been keeping a close check on the fuel economy since I have been using Fuelmaster, and it has made a difference for the better, so I am very happy about that of course.  I would recommend your product to anyone that has problems with their fuel system.   I have a V6 92 GM in the bus that has the problem.

Brian Rogers Rogers Coaches – ACT

I use it on my boat… seems to be good.  We have had zero diesel problems for the past 4 years we have been using it.  I don’t know what it’s doing, but we have no issues.  I put it in my back up 20 l jugs before I fill them up as well as the main tank.  I’ll be buying more…

Alan L, Bulga, NSW

I’m very happy with Fuelmaster. The boat’s engine has performed beautifully over the last year.

Allan M, Manly, NSW
Hi,  I purchased fuelmaster for a low k Iveco 3lt turbo diesel which was hard to start, had to hold the starter over to keep it running for a number of seconds.  After using Fuelmaster it started straight away & kept running – very happy thank you.
Edward F, Lemontree Passage, NSW
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“In the past I have used various brands of fuel additives in an attempt to control diesel bug and contamination in the fuel tanks.  I have tried for two years to get rid of the bug and did not succeed. Since introducing Fuelmaster Fuel Treatment in July 2009 my fuel has remained 100% free of any impurities, no more diesel bug.  Clean fuel filters at last!  The engine is running very smoothly. It’s great just to have “peace of mind” knowing that as long as I have Fuelmaster in my fuel, I don’t have any fuel problems. I would recommend Fuelmaster Fuel Treatment to anyone.” Seaworld Drive, Main Beach, Qld

“We arrived safe and sound in Port Moresby at 1130hrs Monday 29th Aug, It was a ten day voyage and most enjoyable. The Fuelmaster additive worked fantastic. We dosed the tanks up and headed off. I changed all the filters and she did not miss a beat.  Our fuel consumption is much better and I would recommend your product to anyone. I’m so pleased I found you on the internet and bothered to chase the product up.” One happy boat owner

Richard Hamilton, Spanner Crab fisherman operating a fishing vessel, powered by Volvo Penta, 318hp, from the Gold Coast

I first purchased Fuelmaster diesel conditioner in August 2012 for my Kenworth prime mover with a Cummins M11 engine.  I noticed an obvious reduction in exhaust smoke within 30 minutes of adding Fuelmaster.   I now use it regularly and would recommend it to others, as I am very pleased with the smooth running and performance of the engine – thanks for a great product!

David Carvolth, QLD